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CoolJet Plasma treatment

CoolJet Plasma
The next generation of holistic skin rejuvenation.


Cold-Plasma - Heals & Repairs Skin Within

Rejuvenate + Activate collagen + Detox Skin

Renew + Helps Sagging Tissue 

Detox + Blemishes + Inflammation + Puffiness

Lunch-time - no downtime treatment 



Great alternative or addition to facial fillers


10x the collagen superior hydration



Soothing + Comfortable + No Down-time



Supercharge + Glow + Repair + Renew

Reduces fine line

Tighten large pores, resulting in smoother & firmer skin


Detox Skin + Relieve + Oxygenate

Heals scars and wounds

Reduces hormonal breakouts and acne


Reduces redness, blemishes, inflammation and puffiness  

Natural-looking results

No Down-Time + No Discomfort

Holistic and noninvasive skin therapy 

Can be performed during lunch-break, before an event

Clinically Proven

Results driven for anti-aging.

The CoolJet™ uses a cooler atmospheric temperature so there is ZERO surface trauma. Unlike Fibroblast Plasma, our advanced CoolJet™ technology combined with our new Jet Plasma Super Tip™ allows the CoolJet™ Plasma device to effectively deliver Plasma into the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. This then will stimulate collagen production and help remodel the cellular structure of the skin from the inside out.

The CoolJet™ treatment increases skin absorbency for approximately 12 hours – allowing the application of an active substance to be fully absorbed into the dermal layers. It is GENTLE, SAFE and EFFECTIVE. CoolJet™ offers endless treatments with ZERO RECOVERY TIME and is safe for all Fitzpatrick Skin Types (1-6).


CoolJet provides safe stimulation by promoting

collagen, firbroblast and superior hydration as a result,

the face looks brighter and rejuvenated.

It is the most natural,

non-invasive and holistic approach treating

your entire face and neck. 


Visible results can be evident in single comfortable, relaxing treatment*.

Subsequent treatments have a cumulative effect

and provide remarkable results

naturally and without the downtime.



Before and after facial treatment
Plasma Treatment

How it works

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