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Slows and Reverse the Aging Process of the Pelvic Floor


Detox and Strengthen Pelvic FloorRejuvenates 


Feel Sexy + Feel Young & Confident Again


Improve Vaginal Tone + Improved Intimate Wellness Repairs 


Recharge + Increased Natural Hydration


Reduces Symptoms of Menopause + Hormone Free


Think Clear  + Sleep Better + More Stable Mood




More Hydrated Skin + Feel More Sensation 


Non-invasive + No Down-time + 100% Holistic


Restores Body's Electromagnetic Balance For Total Rejuvenation 



 Holistic Pelvic Rejuvenation 
Balanced Hormones + Healthy Pelvic Floor  = Happy YOU

Healthy Hormones + Healthy Pelvic Floor = Happy You


Let's face it our hormones run our world...

This treatment is completely hormone free solution for every phase and need of you.

Feel Sexy. Think Clear. Feel Recharged. 

Signs of aging can come in many different forms.

Some focus on wrinkles and skin elasticity loss, but for some women, changes may develop in more intimate areas.

As women age, they tend to produce less estrogen naturally, and, as estrogen production is reduced, the vagina begins to lose elasticity and function differently effecting the rest of the body and mind.

Holistic Pelvic Floor Rejuvenation and vaginal tightening can improve intimate wellbeing and overall

health to the female body.

​During menopause, after childbirth, prolong stress

the body begins to change in many ways.

As your body produces less estrogen, you may experience issues like vaginal dryness, uncomfortable tightness, and reduced sex drive.

Holistic Pelvic Rejuvenation can help to increase vaginal lubrication and improve sexual health after the loss of estrogen, detox and strengthen pelvic floor to relieve dysfunction, revitalize muscle and rejuvenate tissue. 

Inner & Outer Rejuvenation

Immunity Boost

Hydrated Skin All Over

Treatment Details


Bio-electromagnetic frequency 

LED Light 662 nm wavelength, gentle relaxing heat and sonic technology

combined for specialized

pelvic floor treatment

for superior results.



Visible results can be evident after few comfortable relaxing treatment. Subsequent treatments have a cumulative effect and provide remarkable results that can challenge both fillers and laser technology naturally and without the downtime.


The unique Multi-Mode Waveform stimulation provides simultaneous muscle toning and re-education, thus providing both circulation, lymphatic drainage, firming, lifting, contouring and product penetration benefits without inflammation or down-time.

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Life-Changing Vaginal Wellness

With holistic pelvic rejuvenation we can transform to a more stable balanced mood, glowing skin, and body calm homeostasis. 

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When you treat the body and the pelvic floor simultaneously you synchronize your bodies natural electro-magnetic frequencies which aids in faster, better overall results.


Please call/text/email and see FAQ down below. 


FDA-Cleared Technology

Collaboration between Science & Nature.

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The technology MetaWave™ speaks
to the body’s own natural electrical and magnetic currents adding additional energy that the body needs to rebuild and refuel cell health and reverse the sign of aging to stimulate the tissues to promote a healthier skin by collagen production, cell metabolism and repair.

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MultiWave bio-electromagnetic frequencies re-balance and modulate cellular function to restore boost, and maintain health.

Vibration and Red Light therapy delivered through the Holistic Pelvic Floor Rejuvenation propagates the currents throughout the whole body

and the pelvic area, resulting in improved

lymphatic function, circulation and must need it detoxification for proper harmony. 

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Patented Technology
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Meet Gabriela,
Founder of Raw Organic You

As a skin expert, licensed master aesthetic instructor and provider with speciality in advanced technology, lasers, and background in medical aesthetics, I am passionate about healthy and glowing skin. Nothing makes me happier than the on-going beautiful transformation my clients go through with their skin and self-esteem.

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