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Needle-Less Lip Enhancement

Enhance your lips with natural results. Uses no needles, no injections, and no harsh chemicals.

Get natural looking plumped hydrated and rejuvenated lips.

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CE Marked Since 2007

No Needles or Injections

ISO 13485 certified

About The Service

Needle-less Lip Enhancement is a non-invasive and safe treatment with fast and lasting results. This lip enhancement technology uses hyaluronic acid (a natural sugar already present in the human body) transferred to the epidermal and upper dermal layers in the lips to create a full, even, and vibrant appearance. The technology comes from Paris, France and has received multiple stamps of approval for safety in the European Union. In recent years, it has gained traction in the U.S. due to its natural approach and non-invasive quality. This treatment augments the appearance of the lips while reducing wrinkles.

How It Works


This treatment uses no harsh chemicals, only using a sugar already present in the human body. It requires virtually no downtime, has no risk of occlusion, and will not create a permanent change. This makes it ideal for sensitive skin.


The hyaluronic acid adds volume and revitalizes the area by attracting water. Effects are not permanent, as the body will naturally absorb the hyaluronic acid over several months.

Achievable Goals
*Individual results may vary

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Meet Gabriela Radova, ME, CMLSO

"Trust is earned and for 20+ years I dedicated my life helping my clients transform their inner beauty, skin and self-esteem"

As a skin expert with a background in medical aesthetics, I studied and researched the best holistic approach to a healthy body, balanced hormones, healthy mindset and fresh, glowing skin without compromising my health with pharmaceutical and harsh aesthetic practices. This naturally led me to create full rejuvenation therapy instead of "Band-aid services" for complete equilibrium and finding my way back to homeostasis in and out. I am passionate about healthy internal beauty and treating the body as a whole with external glowing skin. 

Nothing makes me happier than the on-going beautiful transformation my clients go through with their skin and self-esteem.

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Does it hurt?

This treatment involves slight pressure and that is it. No pain. 


Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime but some may bruise slightly due to the pressure applied. 



How long the results last?

That depends each individual is different by anywhere from 3-6 months. 


How much does it cost?

Price starts at $450 and varies per individual and plumpness they desire. 



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