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Scalar Wave Deactivates Our Skin's Prime Age Accelerating Gene: "NF-κB"

Chronic Inflammation Makes Us Age Crazy Fast!!

If a true kryptonite existed for young, healthy looking skin, inflammation would be it.


can make us age faster than an undercover mafia detective.

For those of us who want to age gracefully, when chronic inflammation lingers in our body’s biggest organ, our skin, it can make our outermost layer look dull, dry, saggy, loss of skin tone, making us look older than we truly feel.


What’s the biggest cause?

While chronic inflammation can be traced to processed sugar, lack of sleep, poor diet, environmental toxins, secondhand smoke, UV light (sun) —


is the human body’s most wanted arsonist because it's so potent

and affects us 24/7/365.

That's when scalars and rife frequency come to the rescue to restore our aging skin to healthy, natural-good-looking state because this ancient practice makes us highly resilient to stress.


While we could go on and on about how scalar and rife waves transforms us into a black belt master of stress (by lowering cortisol, changing the brain’s fear response, transforming the mind, etc), we will save that for later.

 For now, let's take it up a level...... 

  • Meditate at least 5 minutes a day (better some than none)

  • Drink H302 daily

  • Walk outside daily

  • Listen to music that moves you (daily)


  • Do BOX breathing in time of STRESS (youtube how)

  • CUSTOM Scalar waves for anti-aging*

  • RoyLift for your personal FaceGym of all your 68 muscles

  for lifted appearance:


*In-office and/or 24/7 Scalar Wave DNA remote session

reversing the signs of aging and overall well-being

for the whole-body-skin-mind

Read more here: 


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