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Why is ROYLift the staple of all aesthetic treatments.

And why it's a must no matter what other treatments you do (laser, injectables, surgery, facials etc).

Dynamic Intelligence-current

is a proven science that uses a low level of electricity that often mimics our bodies natural bioelectrical currents. Bert Sakmann, MD, and Erwin Nehr, MD, were awarded a Nobel prize for their work on the response of applied micro-current on the physiology of human membranes, tissue and muscles.

(FDA) has cleared most Dynamic Intelligence-current devices for the use of treating skin, tissues, injuries, muscles, nerves, certain degenerative diseases and relief of pain.

So what are facial expression lines?

We assume they are made from smiling, frowning, scowling, squinting, dehydration and lifestyle choices like smoking or sucking on straws.


actually, it is related to the fascia webbing that holds our skin, fat and muscles to our skeletal structure. Fascia is the soft collagen threads that interweaves and interpenetrates the body to give us our youthful, lifted appearance. Through dehydration and tension, fascia becomes hardened and binds down and with every movement our face and muscles make, causing lines to form and double chin starts to appear. It’s also responsible for those rings of life or lines around our necks and down the chest.

You can almost gauge a person’s age by counting those rings as they form over time.

The good news?

Dynamic Intelligence-multi-level current will soften and relax bound fascia while stimulating it to tighten and lift the skin back into place. It is also beneficial for treating the fascia that contributes to the appearance of dimples on chin, lax skin and crepe like skin texture as we age.

The best part you can do this at home on your own time to get your skin lifted, hydrated and glowing or mixture of professional treatments and at home device to look your best at any age without the need of lasers, injectables and more invasive procedures.

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