Holistic Pelvic Floor Rejuvenation

Healthy Pelvic Floor + Balanced Hormones = Happy YOU. Feel Sexy. Think Clear. Feel Confident.

  • 45 minutes
  • Wirt Street Southwest

Service Description

Let's face it hormones run our world..This treatment is hormone free solution for every phase of life. Feel sexy. Think Clear. Feel Recharged. Gain Your Body Back. As women age, they tend to produce less estrogen naturally, and, as estrogen production is reduced, the pelvic floor begins to lose elasticity and function differently effecting the rest of the body, skin and mind.During menopause, after childbirth, prolong stress the body begins to change in many ways. As your body produces less estrogen, you may experience issues like dryness, uncomfortable tightness, reduced sex drive, dry skin, gaining weight, brain-fog and sleeping issues. Holistic Pelvic Floor Rejuvenation can improve intimate wellbeing and overall health and look of the female body. BENEFITS  When you treat the body and the pelvic floor simultaneously you synchronize your bodies natural electro-magnetic frequencies which aids in faster, better overall results. This jumpstarts coagulation in the body’s production of collagen and elastic tissue, while also increasing blood flow and hydration for more balanced hormones, stable mood, hydrated skin and healthy body.

Cancellation Policy

To reschedule/cancel please call/text 703 786 8999 or email gabriela@gabrielaradova.com 24 hours in advance. Please “DO NOT REPLY” to this text message! Thank you! Raw Organic You 🌺 ROY is located above Finch studio for those not familiar with Leesburg area put Finch Studio in your GPS.

Contact Details

  • 21 Wirt Street Southwest suite 201, Leesburg, VA, USA