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Ultimate Face Lift Therapy
The next generation of noninvasive skin rejuvenation
Love the experience. Delight in the results. 

Lift + Contours + Tone + Build Droopy Features 


Slows and reverse the aging process

Rejuvenate + Activate collagen + Detox Skin

Repair + Renew + Helps Sagging Tissue 

Detox + Blemishes + Inflammation + Puffiness

Lunch-time Red Carpet Results 



Great alternative or addition to facial fillers


Performed By Specialized Skin Expert


Soothing + Comfortable + No Down-time


Ultimate Lift?

Supercharge + Glow + Repair + Renew

Reduces fine line

Increases production of collagen

Increases blood circulation and elastin fibers

Tighten large pores, resulting in smoother & firmer skin

Detox Skin + Relieve + Oxygenate

 Relieves muscle tension and fascia

Increases lymphatic drainage and blood circulation

Heals scars and wounds

Reduces hormonal breakouts and acne

Lift + Tone + Build


Lifts and contours saggy tissue and droopy features

Reduces redness, blemishes, inflammation and puffiness  

Natural-looking results

No Down-Time + No Discomfort

Holistic and noninvasive skin therapy 

No sun sensitivity

Can be performed during lunch-break, before an event

 Red Carpet results

Clinically Proven

Results driven for anti-aging.

Love the experience. Delight in the results.

Slowing and reversing back time has never been easier. 

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Treatment Details

Cutting Edge Technology

FDA-Cleared technology: MetaWave™ a true collaboration between science & nature.

Our state-of-the-art technology and our customized technique helps transform your skin, naturally.

How it works

The technology MetaWave™ speaks
to the body’s own natural electrical and magnetic currents adding additional energy that the body needs to rebuild and refuel cell health and reverse the sign of aging to stimulate the facial tissues to promote a healthier, glowing and toned facial appearance. This safe stimulation promotes normal muscle activity and, as a result, the face looks brighter and rejuvenated.

As we adopt healthy choices by adding exercise to our daily activities, we need to be mindful of the 32 individual muscles in our face.

Ultimate Lift is the most natural, non-invasive and holistic approach treating your entire face.


Visible results can be evident after a single comfortable, relaxing treatment. Subsequent treatments have a cumulative effect and provide remarkable results that challenge both dermal fillers and laser technology naturally and without the downtime.


The unique Multi-Mode Waveform stimulation provides simultaneous muscle toning and re-education, thus providing both circulation, lymphatic drainage, firming, lifting, contouring and product penetration benefits without inflammation or down-time.

What areas can be treated


Relax lines and reduce stress from frequent expression


Reestablish balance in every facial zone


Lift and revitalize the eye area


Boost skin vitality and glow


Contour muscles and improve skin integrity


Relax, plump and rejuvenate


Lift sagging skin, tighten and strengthen chin and lower lip area


Increase collagen production


Defy gravity and redefine the jawline

What sets us apart?

Passion, expertise and experience matters.

 We believe in focus, top quality,

holistic approach and results.

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Achievable Goals
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Meet Gabriela,
Founder of Raw Organic You

As a skin expert, licensed master aesthetic instructor and provider with speciality in advanced technology, lasers, and background in medical aesthetics, I am passionate about healthy and glowing skin. Nothing makes me happier than the on-going beautiful transformation my clients go through with their skin and self-esteem.


I have been in the aesthetic field for over 20+ years and I continue to get certifications regularly. Being in this industry has been a gift and never ending wealth of knowledge that I continue to pursue to appraise each of my clients as a whole and be there to give best advice and service possible.


I chose my profession because I love working with people and enjoy making a difference in people's lives. The drive for my expertise started when I started performing treatments on my skin that I either did not need or they made no difference. This is when I became passionate about my speciality in advanced technologies and non-toxic ingredients that I make myself.


I knew in my heart that this is where I belong and it has become my mission not only to use non-harmful aesthetic technologies that really work but to combine Mother Nature's gifts that are safe and deliver superior clinical treatments.


I build trust and comfort with my clients by educating them on the safety, health benefits and risk-free nature of our services, nourishing their skin by using ingredients tailored to each woman's skin type and age. 

My core values are influenced by love and respect.


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