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Holistic Age-Reversing Skin & Body Clinic.
Bringing 25 years of expertise in non-invasive aesthetics. 

All-in-One Lifestyle Treatment.

Specializing in skin, body, and mind as one. 

Enhances both physical appearance and emotional well-being. 

Activates the body's natural electrical and magnetic currents for

whole body rejuvenation, reverse signs of aging and long-lasting results.


ROYLift muscle toning
      Facial~Gym Tones & Lifts 
ROYFiller skin volume
Needle-Free Facial Rejuvenation


ROY Reverse Aging
Roy~Reverse Aging
Head to Toe Detox & Cell Rejuvenation

Our Mission

We provide comprehensive care beyond skin treatment.

The process of external skin aging is influenced by various factors, including both physical and mental aspects.

We prioritize a holistic approach, addressing the body, mind, and skin as interconnected entities.

The internal processes of the body can cause the skin to show signs of aging.

We focus on addressing the root causes of aging, rather than offering superficial skin services

that are commonly found in the anti-aging industry.

We delve into the root of aging to effectively slow down the aging process.

This leads to healthier, younger-looking skin, increased energy and vitality, and a reduction in stress and anxiety.

Our approach promotes a calmer, well-balanced, and confident state of mind. 

Allow us to help you in achieving optimal results, maximizing efficiency and reclaiming your complete self.

Here is what some of our ROY clients have to say

My experience started the moment I met with Gabriela for consultation. She made me realize I was not only looking to revitalize my skin and make me look young again but opened my eyes to what I was truly looking for…a lifestyle change to promote healthy skin from the inside out.


Her knowledge of natural remedies for healing is not only your skin but all of you….mind, body, and spirit. It is has opened my eyes to what Mother Nature has provided us for natural healing. As she would say “Mother Nature has no fine print”. I look forward to my monthly visits and I’m so thankful I found her along my journey.

Deserea L.

Hi, I'm

Gabriela Radova

I am committed to providing my clients with natural and healthy beauty solutions customized to their individual skin types and age. With over 25 years of experience in the field of skincare, my passion for utilizing mother nature’s ingredients and advanced aesthetic technology started at a young age.


Today, I am proud to offer clients the most innovative treatments coupled with personalized attention and care. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the confidence and self-esteem of our clients grow along with their beautiful, glowing skin.

About Gabriela Radova
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Holistic Skin & Body Clinic 

Welcome to Raw Organic You, your premier destination for high-quality skincare with transformative results. We are dedicated to achieving radiant, youthful-looking skin through our comprehensive approach that prioritizes overall well-being. Our natural philosophy emphasizes healthy, holistic, and advanced techniques, focusing on prevention and graceful aging without harmful toxins or downtime.

From invigorating skin therapy, muscle toning and lifting facials to exclusive fine-tune treatments, we offer a personalized experience. Our core emphasis is on natural, organic ingredients and bespoke techniques, delivering remarkable outcomes while promoting inner wellness and harmony. Whether you aim to restore and revitalize your skin, combat aging signs, or simply indulge in pampering, we invite you to discover the Raw Organic You difference today!

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