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Gabriela Radova

Welcome To The Most Complete ​Holistic Age-Reversing Skin Care Clinic.
The Pure and Holistic Path To Beautiful Skin & Well-Being.


Holistic Skin Care Clinic 

Welcome to Raw Organic You, the premier destination for high-quality skin care treatments that yield transformative results. At our clinic, we are committed to helping you achieve radiant and youthful-looking skin that stands the test of time. What sets ROY apart is our comprehensive approach, focusing not only on the surface but also on enhancing your overall well-being for a rejuvenating experience.

 We believe in a more natural approach to skin care. Our philosophy revolves around employing healthy, holistic, and advanced techniques to help you attain the healthy complexion you desire. From our invigorating facial therapies to our exclusive fine-tune treatments, we prioritize prevention and graceful aging to optimize your skin's beauty, without any harmful toxins or downtime.


Our core emphasis lies in utilizing natural, organic ingredients and bespoke techniques that deliver remarkable outcomes while promoting inner wellness and harmony. Whether you seek to restore and revitalize your skin, combat the signs of aging, or simply indulge in well-deserved pampering, we cordially invite you to experience the Raw Organic You difference today!

Raw Organic You Location

Nan F.

"Absolutely the best facial experience I've ever had.Relaxing, calming, educational, rejuvenating, exquisitely professional with the utmost caring knowledgeable skincare specialist in Loudoun County by far.Worth every penny.Don't hesitate for a minute to schedule.Gabriela is top notch with her European flair.Class at it's finest."

Deserea L.

My experience started the moment I met with Gabriela for consultation. She made me realize I was not only looking to revitalize my skin and make me look young again but opened my eyes to what I was truly looking for…a lifestyle change to promote healthy skin from the inside out. Her knowledge of natural remedies for healing is not only your skin but all of you….mind, body, and spirit. It is has opened my eyes to what Mother Nature has provided us for natural healing. As she would say “Mother Nature has no fine print”. I look forward to my monthly visits and I’m so thankful I found her along my journey.

Cory T.

Our bodies get slower at replacing skin cells, often making

for dull and dry skin.

I found ROY when I was looking for healthier, more natural options for skincare and I became a huge fan right after my first treatment. If you are concerned about the risks and long term effects of common products and procedures but still want to have beautiful skin, Raw Organic You is the place for you! Gabriela is extremely knowledgeable in not only skincare, but also in overall lifestyle health choices and can give you as much or as little information as you want in ways to improve your skin and general health from the inside out. Her treatments are incredibly relaxing and the results are extraordinary. She tailors treatments to fit the client’s individual needs and also creates skincare products you can purchase that she makes specifically for your skin. I love going to ROY and highly recommend checking it out yourself!
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