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Journey to transformation begins with our signature services..

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Ultimate Face & Body Therapy

#1 Top Rated Treatment. Uniting Health, Wellness and Holistic Beauty.


Ultimate Face Lift Therapy

Collagen blast, tightens skin while supporting healthy blood flow.


NANO Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

Non-invasive power boost collagen enhancer.

ROY offers 

holistic age-reversing treatments

geared to rejuvenate your complexion, replenish collagen and elastin, restoring youthfulness and bringing health and stamina by recharging the body and balancing hormones in the process!

Skin Clinic Studio

What makes Raw Organic You unique is our holistic approach digging deeper than just the surface of the skin, but helping the body, hormones as a whole to an age reversing transformation.

If we just treat the skin/face, we have to keep adding and doing more and more as we age as it is our body that accelerates the aging process of our skin.

ROY focuses on full rejuvenation therapy instead of "Band-aid services" for complete equilibrium and finding its way back to homeostasis internally and externally with lifestyle coaching membership. 

ROY combines the power of nature’s best ingredients with advanced skincare technology.

Together, these protocols yield radiant and glowing results without the toxins and downtime. 


As a skin expert with a background in medical aesthetics, I studied and researched the best holistic approach to a healthy body, balanced hormones, healthy mindset and fresh, glowing skin without compromising my health with pharmaceutical and harsh aesthetic practices. This naturally led me to create complete rejuvenation therapy instead of "Band-aid services" for complete equilibrium and finding my way back to my homeostasis. I am passionate about healthy internal beauty and treating the body as a whole with external glowing skin.

Nothing makes me happier than the on-going beautiful transformation my clients go through with their skin and self-esteem.


I love working with people and enjoy making a difference in people's lives. The drive for my expertise started when I was performing treatments on my skin that I either did not need, they made no difference or made my face look unnatural and not like me. I was not looking for compliments "oh you look great, what did you get done"? what I truly wanted to hear is "oh you look great, what are you doing? Slept well? You exercise more?..." that to me is true compliment when people can't tell the difference yet they see the difference and how good you look. This is when my speciality in advanced technologies and non-toxic ingredients was born. 


I build trust and comfort with my clients by educating them on the safety, health benefits and risk-free nature of our services, nourishing their skin by using ingredients tailored to each woman's skin type and age. 

In my free time I love to read about nutrition and how to heal your body naturally. I studied WholeFood Plant based nutrition through Cornell University and Dr. Robert Morse Advanced Herbal Healing. I'm born and raise in Prague and I enjoy traveling, walks in nature and meditation. I am a volunteer and member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and my family and I foster dogs and currently we have 5 dogs (plus our fosters running around the house) and 2 cats adopted from Petconnect Rescue that I foster for. 

My core values are inspired by love, acceptance, trust and respect. ❤️

Meet Gabriela..

"Trust is earned and for 20+ years I dedicated my life helping my clients transform their inner beauty, skin and self-esteem".


Gabriela Radova, M.E., CLMSO

Certified laser Specialist and Instructor


"Absolutely the best facial experience I've ever had.
Relaxing, calming, educational, rejuvenating, exquisitely professional with the utmost caring knowledgeable skincare specialist in Loudoun County by far.
Worth every penny.
Don't hesitate for a minute to schedule.
Gabriela is top notch with her European flair.
Class at it's finest."

Nan F.