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Welcome Summer Special

The #1 investment in life is YOU; don’t wait any longer! 

10% OFF


$40 OFF 


Experience a revolutionary approach to holistic facial + body rejuvenation at no extra charge. 

Crafted skin therapy treatments customized

for your needs with the healing benefits of scalar waves and audio frequencies, 

for your body, mind, and overall well-being.

ROY offers a groundbreaking technique that goes beyond physical aesthetics

and delves into the emotional state of an individual,

providing a holistic approach to skin, mindset and equilibrium body reset. 

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Enhance your skincare routine with expert guidance.

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tips and DIY recommendations. 

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Terms and conditions*

10% off is applied at ROY studio check-out.

$30 Refer-A-Friend is applied at in-person check-out.

Valid for single-purchased treatments only.

It cannot be applied to packages or retail.

Raw Organic You Facial Relax
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