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Non-invasive Skin & Body Therapy
Reducing Signs Of Aging.
Specifically Tailored For Men.
Muscle and Skin Toning Treatment.
Scalar Wave Therapy for Whole Body Renewal. 

Tightens skin, sculpts jawline and improves muscle tone 

Slows and reverse the aging process naturally


Improves fine lines, wrinkles, thickness and texture


Improves skin tone and circulation in treated skin

Results are immediate and cumulative

Holistic, Toxin Free
No topical anesthetic or down-time

The Non-Invasive Solution for Healthy Skin


Relax and tone your muscles with men-specific skin therapy.

At ROY, we treat the face and body for optimal results without any downtime. Looking completely natural and fresh, reducing visible signs of aging around the eyes, forehead, and laugh lines, and sculpting a more defined jawline with overall muscle tone definition, we subtly restore more youthful skin through technological advancements without invasive treatments. 

Men and women have different goals when it comes to maintaining their appearance. Men typically aim to preserve ruggedness while addressing specific concerns like facial folds, redness, deep wrinkles and sagging. Additionally, the skin of men has noticeable differences (beyond just the ability of men to grow beards). One significant variation is hormonal: testosterone causes a man's skin to be approximately 25% thicker, oilier, and rougher.

How it works:

ROY treats your skin with PICO Dynamic technology and your body with Scalar waves and PEMF frequencies (to learn more, click here) to reverse visible signs of aging and recharge the body, adding more energy and overall well-being. The PICO and PLASMA technologies create electromagnetic channels on the skin's surface, triggering natural healing mechanisms. The application of positively and negatively charged ions to lift and tighten the skin without invasive procedures is what this technology, made possible by PLASMA-Energy, involves. Combined with multi-mode dynamic current, this therapy unlocks the body's healing power, leading to improved muscle tone and skin texture. This combination is great for individuals seeking a more refreshed appearance without invasive treatment.

For superior results, we combine RoyMen + Roy~Reverse Aging Treatment* with scalar wave and pulsed electromagnetic frequencies throughout the entire session, stabilizing the nervous system and encouraging the body's natural relaxation response. This regulation reduces tension and cortisol levels, contributing to stress reduction and calmness, and enhances your capacity to handle stress, promoting a sense of well-being and balance in the body's biochemistry for overall health, age-reversing enhancement, and vitality.

Scalar Waves for Whole Body Renewal 

Scalar wave benefits for the body and mind reversing signs of aging from the inside out. 

  • Accelerated Anti-Aging reversal progress

  • Better sleep

  • Detoxification

  • Mental clarity

  • Energy spike

  • Decreased Fatigue

  • Emotional balance

  • Enhance the vitality of cells in the body to an optimal level, boosting stamina and a relaxed mental state. 


This device is equipped with an extensive range of over 60,000 programmed frequencies, each carefully tailored to target specific areas of healing (to learn more, click here).

Based on your individual goals and concerns, we carefully design a customized treatment plan to help bring your body and mind back to a

state of balance.

Digitally constructed shelf


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