My vision was to harness the power of nature’s best ingredients combined with modern skin and body technologies for impressive and long-lasting results without one ounce of the bad stuff. My passion for healthy, green treatment approach, yet in-line with the aesthetic advanced technology catering to my clients health, glowing skin & balanced mindset with"all in one lifestyle treatment".

Love the skin, body & mindset you're in. ❤️

Raw Organic You was born and build with passion for Mother Nature's gifts and vast aesthetic knowledge and years of experience bringing health, trust and results using natural raw, fresh ingredients; herbs; and the right chemistry with  food grade,  preservative free, fresh-made ingredients customized for your skin needs right at your treatment.  

Why compromise your health and looks when gorgeous, natural skin and optimal health can be achieved without all the poisons medical aesthetics brings to the table. 

As a skin expert of 25 years, certified laser specialist, master esthetic instructor and licensed provider, I am passionate about naturally beautiful healthy skin and body. 

In the two+ decades that I have been practicing, I’ve successfully launched 2 speciality clinics and #1 Speciality Skin & Body Studio on the East Coast voted the Best of Arlington in 2019.

​My commitment to health, safety and natural results of my clients brought me to Nature-Meets-Technology approach fully embracing plant-based ingredients and my passion for science. I believe in the strength and revitalizing power of raw ingredients that work in unison with "High Tech N' Fresh" skincare technology to deliver optimal anti-aging results without the harmful  toxins and chemicals that are found in todays skincare. Raw Organic You is made from 100% pure natural fresh ingredients. This is because even pre-blended organic ingredients that come in a bottle can lose potency. 

Taking care of your skin the healthy way is top priority and priceless self-investment. 

Come experience the ROY difference for yourself. I promise, you'll be glad you did!


❤️ Gabriela Radova, M.E.



"Absolutely the best facial experience I've ever had. Relaxing, calming, educational, rejuvenating, exquisitely professional with the utmost caring knowledgeable skincare specialist in Loudoun County by far. Worth every penny. Don't hesitate for a minute to schedule. Gabriela is top notch with her European flair. Class at it's finest."

Nan F.

Happy Woman