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Non-invasive Facial Lift Sculptor
with Whole-Energetic Body Rejuvenation.

This cutting-edge treatment serves as a non-invasive facelift method that provides a natural, subtle alternative to injectables. It not only diminishes wrinkles but also enhances skin firmness and flexibility, shapes the facial structure, and highlights cheekbones.
RoyLift energetic body rejuvenation reduces cortisol levels, contributing to stress reduction, a sense of well-being, and balance in the body's biochemistry for overall health enhancement and regeneration of cells for collagen renewal "head to toe."

Enhances oxygenation, blood circulation, and tissue nourishment, resulting in smooth and supple skin.

Slows and reverse the aging process naturally

Improves fine lines, wrinkles, thickness and texture

Great for "special event aka red carpet results"results are immediate and cumulative

Targets all 68+ facial and neck muscles for a lifted appearance.

Holistic, Toxin Free
No topical anesthetic or down-time

The Non-Invasive Solution for Youthful Skin


Our signature treatment:

RoyLift utilizes advanced PICO and plasma technology to enhance skin elasticity and restructure facial tissues while incorporating a scalar wave and pulse electromagnetic frequencies that enter the body throughout the entire session, stabilizing the nervous system and encouraging the body's natural relaxation response. This regulation reduces tension and cortisol levels, contributing to stress reduction and calmness, and enhances your capacity to handle stress, promoting a sense of well-being and balance in the body's biochemistry for overall health and age-reversing enhancement.

RoyLift facial workout:

Our facial workout introduces muscle training to sculpt, tone, and lift the face, targeting all 68+ facial and neck muscles for a lifted appearance, adding massage techniques and multi-mode dynamic current, this therapy unlocks the body's healing power, leading to a radiant glow and improved skin texture.

How it works:

The PICO and PLASMA technologies create electromagnetic channels on the skin's surface, triggering natural healing mechanisms. The application of positively and negatively charged ions to lift and tighten the skin without invasive procedures is what this technology, made possible by PLASMA-Energy, involves. 

The Ultimate Face & Body Treatment:

Combines RoyLift + Roy~Reverse Aging Treatment* for "full-energetic body rejuvenation" to reset, restore, heal and produce collagen and elastin "head to toe" for smoother, tighter and hydrated skin.

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