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"THIS" MUSCLE STIMULATION IS BASICALLY THE NATURAL way to skip the injection in your forehead..

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Let's clarify:

I am not anti-injectables on principle alone but its beneficial to give the muscle and skin a break once in awhile and explore good natural alternative.

I've seen firsthand the ways we can work with the skin with that rejuvenated look in mind.

Aging results in 1) slow circulation of nutrient-rich blood supplying the inside cells 2) our lymph system slowing down the detox of our bodies resulting in increasingly sluggish slow cell-turnover 3) hormones In a nutshell: Practicing sustainable skin-care with cumulative benefits rather than quick fixes with long-term cumulative damage. For example, when used for long periods of time without a break, Botox decreases flow in the face even more by immobilizing the facial muscles. With long-term use, the deadened facial muscles may atrophy. Skin can take on a gray and lifeless pallor, as well as do the opposite of what was originally intended: Pull downward. What can you do to help skin, other than injectables? Bring life and nutrients by increased circulation to your skin and body. Releasing blockages in the muscles, skin, and fascia aids in circulation and release tension. When we release tension and restore optimal circulation, deep lines can soften, skin becomes rosy and plump again, and worry and strain locked in the muscle melts from the face. This can (sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly) give the effect of Botox with glowing skin, improved texture, and more plumpness, but moreover it imparts a much deeper healing. The benefits are feeling balanced throughout the nervous system and psyche as well felt and seen on the face, much like All in one lifestyle treatment. Look Fresh Look Confident. ❤️Love Your Skin, Body and Mindset You're In.❤️

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