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The Skin Art: Plasma Energy

✅Same sought-after treatment – often with similar effects – just without invasive surgery. ✅No injectable anesthetic required. ✅No scalpels, no cutting and no ablation of the skin. ✅No stitches and suturing required. ✅Very low risk procedure with minimal side effects and very short downtimes – especially with our device. ✅Quick & easy procedure with rapid recovery. ✅No thinning of the skin!! ✅More uniform than ablative resurfacing than lasers with thicker skin. ✅Significant cost savings compared to comparable alternatives with long-lasting results (usually around 1-3 years). How it works: 👉Facts of life: the collagen and elastin in our bodies degrade, weakening the structural integrity or “scaffolding” that holds up the skin. This causes skin wrinkling and/or sagging. 👉Injectables stretch the skin❌ 👉 Lasers thin the skin❌ 👉Surgery may look unnatural and always leaves a scar❌. 👉Plasma “fibroblasting” triggers fibroblast cell division in the body to stimulate a good sub-dermal clean-out, and stimulate collagen and elastin production ONE dot at a time without adverse effects. ➡️➡️"The Skin Art" ➡️➡️Plasma dotting needs an artistic eye and skillful hands 🟰 who performs this treatment is just as important as the treatment itself for optimal lift.

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