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"How Does Our DNA Influence Optimal Health and Aging?

Our DNA holds the blueprint for optimal health and significantly slows down the aging process.

24/7 Remote DNA Energy Healing is a holistic technique that utilizes subtle energy to promote wellness and vitality on a cellular level.


The premise is that our DNA holds the blueprint for optimal health and that energetic imbalances can disrupt this blueprint, leading to dysfunction and dis-ease. Remote DNA healing aims to re-calibrate the energy fields around the DNA through the use of focused intention and energy transmission techniques.


24/7 remote sessions attune to the recipient's energy signature regardless of physical proximity and work to recharge depleted energetic reserves, repair damaged cells, and renew collagen and elastin throughout the body.

This supports the structural integrity of the cells and enhances the body's natural anti-aging and healing mechanisms.


On an emotional level, 24/7 DNA remote helps relax the nervous system for reduced feelings of stress and anxiety. It promotes emotional freedom by clearing negative thought patterns and energetic blockages that no longer serve. The overall effects are increased energy, cellular regeneration, emotional balance, and a synchronization of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. 


With its subtle but powerful influence on our energetic blueprint, 24/7 DNA remote aims to optimize wellbeing on every level - physical, emotional and spiritual. The accessibility of a remote healing model makes this modality a convenient way to receive energy healing around the clock.


For continued benefits, 24/7 remote DNA sessions can be arranged

using your specific DNA frequencies, customized restorative energies are then broadcast to your body non-stop. This provides a constant flow of revitalizing vibrations that encourage the body's natural self-healing abilities. Over time, these treatments work to steadily undo damage accumulated from stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and other harmful exposures. Cells are rejuvenated, aging processes reversed and overall well-being enhanced so you look and feel more youthful, energized and resilient. The advanced technologies of Scalar waves and 24/7 DNA sessions offer the ultimate modalities for promoting anti-aging, vitality and whole-body rejuvenation down to the cellular and molecular levels.

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