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One must treat the whole body to gain the beautiful facial benefits long-term.

At ROY, we are about treating the full body as a whole to gain outstanding facial lift, collagen, and anti-aging, youthful looking face, neck and chest.

Humans are efficient machines with complex functions that work without conscious effort. Without conscious thought, the brain's autonomic nerve system controls all your physical activities, including breathing, digestion, cellular renewal, thinking, and weeping.

External causes can harm the body's energy and autonomic nervous system as one matures. Environmental influences, lifestyle decisions, age, sun and microwave radiation, and stress are among them.


ROY proudly offers innovative Scalar Wave Energy to help you relax and recover from stress.

 These alterations can affect mental and physical health, including inflammation, anxiety, anti-aging benefits, headaches, depression, and more.


ROY's Scalar Wave Therapy promotes the natural healing process of your body, addressing both physical and emotional imbalances and trauma. It optimizes and coordinates the autonomic nervous system to support cellular detoxification, emotional and trauma release, and systematic chakra alignment resulting in reverse signs of aging.

One must treat the whole body to gain the beautiful facial benefits long-term.


Scalar wave advantages:

Sleep better


Mental clarity

Energy surge

Major anti-aging progress

Rebalance fatigue

Emotional equilibrium


Our software has over 60,000 programmable frequencies to target certain healing regions. Based on your unique objectives and concerns, we carefully develop a tailored treatment plan to help restore your body and mind back to a state of equilibrium.


To get optimal results, it is advisable to undergo a 12-hour session of Scalar Wave energy. This can be done as a standalone treatment. For the most effective anti-aging and skin rejuvenation effects, it is suggested to combine this with either the ROYLift or ROYFiller therapy.


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