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Your skin is the X-ray to your inside and what it tells you!

"Beauty emanates within! Let the Light Shine Through..."

So true and important to put into practice for amazing anti-aging-rejuvenation-orientated-results for everyone to notice!

Unleashing Inner-to-Outer Attractiveness: How ROY Tapped Into Ancient Wisdom for Radiant Transcendence!

Special "thanks" to Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and Dr. Bassett!

Have you ever felt an irresistible allure, a captivating charm, or an inexplicable magnetism radiating from within someone? That, my friend, is the pure essence of beauty. It's not just superficial aesthetics; it's a light, an inner glow that shines forth, catching the eyes and captivating the hearts of those who bear witness.

This isn't about cosmetics, surgical procedures, or fashion trends.

This is about ROY tapping into the ancient wisdom and transcending the emanation of inner beauty to an external reality.

So what is Biohacking Wellness?

Biohacking wellness is in high demand, people seek to improve their overall health and wellbeing. With the right knowledge, tools, and resources, anyone can use biohacking techniques to optimize their body's functioning. From dietary changes to sleep tracking and exercise regimens, there are many ways to take control of your wellness through biohacking.

What are the benefits?

AT ROY, we use PEMF frequencies and Scalar wave to help you feel and look your best, irrespective of your age. Not only do we employ these cutting-edge tools for the optimization of full body performance, but also for accelerating treatment results according to each client's unique physical, emotional, and external needs.

What is PEMF?

PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy—a type of energy flow that is used to stimulate healing. PEMF involves exposing the body to low-frequency, non-ionizing electromagnetic fields which can increase circulation and oxygenation in the tissues, as well as providing fascia adhesion release This technology has been found to improve range of motion, reduce inflammation, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. PEMF can also help to detoxify the body by improving circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids.

Revolutionizing Aesthetic Treatments with Biohacking Wellness

ROY's innovative treatments redefine the meaning of healthy skin therapy.

Whether you prefer the firming, lifting effect of ROYLift, or the rejuvenating benefits of our ROYFiller, we include Biohacking Wellness with every treatment session.

This means your beauty regime is uniquely modelled to your personal needs and preferences.

Click here to read more about ROY's Biohacking Wellness:

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